Second Screen Semantic Linking Research
One of the coolest research projects I worked on was with Motorola labs. Once again I think we were at the forefront of the idea of a tv linked to a second screen. No one had done anything in the literature at the time and I was teamed up with a researcher at Motorola labs who wasn’t drinking as much of the corporate Kool-Aid as the typical corporate employee. I built a Ruby on Rails application that linked interesting web sites to the current video on the tv. Our prototype was very basic and the idea has since been done, but at the time I thought it was novel. In the course of this project I learned a lot about OCAP as well which led me to later work. Unfortunately the the cable world at that timed cared more for OCAP than cool novel tv centric application ideas. The closed nature of the cable tv system has really soured me on anything interesting happening in this field.