Network Gaming Research
In addition to the more algorithm oriented research on network gaming I did various research projects where I wrote networking software. One interesting project was the networking of a sort of treasure hunt game done in the real world with mobile phones. At this point mobile phone development was much more rudimentary that it is now and phone API’s were not close to being as rich. In spite of this we put together a rough prototype which was pretty cool. I learned a lot of things on the practical aspects of game networking and mobile phones. Using the GPS and network on those old phones drained the battery like a college frat boy drains a beer. Between the old phones, the huge battery drain, and the horrible network coverage I would say I learned the most in how the real world often kills good research ideas. If I ever have any free time I would love to reimplement something similar with todays hardware. I did some other research and built some prototypes streaming other media forms, but I think the ideas were less novel and interesting.