Game Networking Algorithm Research
When I first started working in the the signal processing lab my professor was interested in the streaming of 3D meshes since that was what his PhD was on. The first task I was instructed to do was to network together a very rough virtual environment prototype. This project led to me researching the networking done in gaming and virtual environments. Most of the previous research on the topic was done on a technique called dead reckoning. I spent many years researching this and experimenting with algorithms for the transmitter and the receiver to lessen the effects of the network on the end user experience. My research was more specifically done on human hand movement which is different than avatar movement in a typical first person shooter. I collected data, wrote algorithms and simulations, and eventually a few research papers. I always thought this problem was a hard one as the current techniques are good but more advanced techniques are very difficult. My only consolidation to this was in the passing on of my 100 page proposal to a friend working on the networking at the gaming startup Artillery.